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SevenBloks - the intelligent puzzle game

"Massively fun and terribly cool" - Uncle John
"Great puzzle action but not towards insanity" - Girl next door
"Don't throw the same numbers together is the only thing I had to learn" - A YouTube player

SevenBloks is the easy to learn, hard to master, block dropping puzzle game brought to you by GameVergn├╝gen and P-Edge media.


  • Clear bloks numbered 1 to 7 by creating rows and columns of certain sizes
  • No clock, no stress, think about every move in your own time
  • Make sequences to massively increase your score
  • Use special attack bloks to get out of sticky situations
  • Collect bonus bloks to grow additional blok digging skills and get extra points
  • Gain more points and headaches by levelling up

  • Both a Classic and Toughness game mode are available for many fun moments of gameplay. Wether you're a beginner or a pro, SevenBloks will give you hours of puzzle fun!

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