Addictive gameplay with no annoying ads

P-Edge media has released a new game for iOS: BlokTen - a block puzzle game.

Block puzzle games are a well know casual game category on mobile devices. In BlokTen players must position various shaped blocks on a 10x10 playing board to create horizontal and vertical lines.

Extra points can be scored when creating combos of multiple lines in a single drop, or when getting a streak of destroying multiple lines in a row.

Coins can be earned based on score, but also by creating combos. The coins can later be used to choose from different continue options when the game is over.

BlokTen, just like all other P-Edge media apps and games, has a user-friendly advertisements. There are no interstitials that take over the whole screen; there is no waiting to play, there are no reward ads. With a simple in app purchase all ads can be disabled forever.

BlokTen is free to download and play.

Info: BlokTen.