the better pixelator

P-Edge media has released a new Mac app for game developers, creatives and content editors. Pixel Ate Me is an easy tool to pixelate images to a specific size, and adding effects. Pixelated images can be used as sprites in games, for websites, digital art, and for other purposes such as prototyping.

When creating sprites or sprite sheets for games, pixelated images must have an exact size. Many other pixelator apps can pixelate images but the end result has to be rescaled afterwards, losing the exact amount of pixels required. With Pixel Ate Me, the required canvas size determines the pixelation, not the other way round.

Need a 16x32 character sprite? Drag your image into Pixel Ate Me and specify a 16x32 canvas. The end result will always be 16x32, not matter what affects you add during the process.

Pixel Ate Me makes creating pixelated assets easy and quick, especially thanks to features such as Auto Apply and Quick Export.

Auto Apply immediately applies any changed settings to the pixelated image. Quick Export allows for immediate overwriting of a previous export without having to specify the destination file name and folder again.

Pixel Ate Me is a document based application which supports tabbed and windowed use.

Download Pixel Ate Me for free in the App Store™

Info: Pixel Ate Me

App Store: Pixel Ate Me - pixelator