PNGShrink can decrease the file size of PNG images, keeping transparency and quality.

P-Edge media has launched a new app for OS X targeting web- and app developers. PNGShrink version 1.10 batch compresses PNG files reducing the file size up to 70%.

PNGShrink uses the well known pngquant algorithm to compress PNG images. PNG file are used a lot in mobile applications for iOS, Android and other platforms. The PNG image format is also used in web applications because of the hight quality.

Why smaller?

With the increased usage of mobile devices the amount of available storage space has become important again. When using mobile data the download size matters, both in costs and in the time it takes to download an app or load a website.

That is why it is necessary for web- and app developer to pay attention to the amount of data an app or website uses. Less data means less waiting and less storage space required.

Apps and websites that use many PNG file can be reduced in size significantly by using PNGShrink.

Why a desktop app?

There are several websites where you can upload PNG files and then download a compressed version. A drawback of these websites is that they cannot process many files in batches. PNGShrink processes thousands of PNG files per minute and can traverse folders and subfolders automatically.

Also think about privacy and non-disclosure agreements that designers and developers have with their customers. When uploading the PNG content of a customer to a website, the agreement is breached. Using PNGShrink, data will be only on your computer and is not sent over the internet.

Available now

PNGShrink is available now for OS X on the Mac App Store.

It is priced €0,99 and does not contain advertisements or further In App Purchases. We would like to point out that users of our apps will NOT be tracked using cookies, analytics, or other scripts.

Info: PNGShrink voor OS X

Mac App Store: PNGShrink