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Weeralarm Nederland is an app that lets you know if there are current weather warnings or alarms in the Netherlands.

Weeralarm Nederland

Most weather apps will not give information about weather warnings or alarms from the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute. Is there currently a code yellow, code orange or code red? Sometimes there are no warnings for months, and then suddenly for days on end.

Note that this app is in Dutch only.

The Weeralarm app will make sure you get a push-notification as soon as the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute issues a weather warning of alarm for your province. You never have to separately search for current dangerous weather circumstances again.

Despite which weather app is your favorite, with the Weeralarm Nederland app you will always be informed about the most current weather warnings and alarms.

This app does not collect personal data, does not use your location and therefore is privacy-friendly!


  • Map with weather warnings and -alarms per province.
  • Code yellow, orange or red as issued by the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute.
  • Push notifications when a warning or alarm is present in your own province or in the whole country.
  • Ads can be disabled with an In App Purchase.


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