Important information for users of the Weerbericht app

12 february 2019

P-Edge media's Weerbericht app has existed since 2008. It was one of the first Dutch weather apps in the App Store™ and it downloads its data directly from KNMI without violating the privacy of its users. The Weerbericht app does not collect any data about you or your device, it just shows the weather report, and has done so for more than 10 years.

Unfortunately in 2019 it is no longer economically viable for me to maintain this app. The development costs are very high. Most users have at some time paid one or two euros for this app, and have been getting free updates for years.

To keep this much beloved app alive, I will have to switch to a different business model. Read below what this will mean for you.

I have considered to implement a subscription model, so users will pay for example a euro per year. I abandoned this option because a lot of people -especially in the Netherlands- do not like to pay for using an app.

The solution is to show adverts in the app, which can be switched off for a small price.

What will change?

From version 5.0 on, the Weerbericht app will become a free download in the App Store™, and advertisments will be shown in it. Ads to me are a necessary evil, I'd rather not use them.

The ads will be small and only be shown at the bottom of the screen and they won't disrupt the app. It won't be like other apps where you often see more ads than anything else. There will be NO interstitials; these are ads that block the entire screen.

Many people don't like to pay for an app, and do not mind seeing ads. Of course there are also customers who dislike ads, and who would like to pay a small amount to no longer see them. I tried to come up with a solution for both types of customer.

The changes

  • Customers who download this free app from version 5.0 onwards will see ads. Optionally these can be disabled using an in-app purchase of €1,99 per year.
  • Customers who already purchased the Weerbericht app earlier (before version 5.0) will see no ads until 1 september 2019. After that, ads will appear and they can be disabled using an in-app purchase of €1,49 per year.

I don't want this, what can I do?

If you'd rather not have these changes, the best thing to do is no longer install updates for the Weerbericht app to version 5.0 and later. You then keep the current version you are used to. Did you accidentally install the new version, or did you pay for the app in the (recent) past and would you like a refund, follow these instructions from Apple.

I hope that this is a good solution for everyone, and that everyone can enjoy this app for years to come.


Martin van Spanje