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Zonkracht Nederland is an app that shows you the current sunforce (uv-index) and sunforce forecasts.

Zonkracht Nederland

Note that this app is in Dutch only.

Do you like to be outside? Enjoying the sunshine? Is it time for sunscreen yet? Whether you play sports, do recreational activites or work outdoors, you always should keep an eye on sunforce (uv-index), even when it's not summer.

Would you like to keep using your own favourite weather app but also be informed about the KNMI UV-index and relevant forecasts? Zonkracht Nederland does this for you.

Zonkracht Nederland makes sure you can get acccurate sunforce information every day, including the forecast for the coming days. You can receive push notifications as soon as the sunforce is becoming (very) high.

No matter which weather app is your favorite, Zonkracht Nederland is an ideal addition that always keeps you informed about the most current sunforce values.

This app does not collect personal data, does not use your location and therefore is privacy-friendly!


  • Check the current sunforce (uv-index) every day.
  • Sunforce forecasts for the coming week.
  • Push-notifications that warn you as soon as the sunforce reaches a certain level.
  • Ads can be disabled with an In App Purchase.

Quick, safe, and the most accurate weather information for everyone!