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BibbleBabble! - exciting multiplayer word game

BibbleBabble! is an addictive multiplayer turn-based word game. Compete against other players to make the funniest, longest or best sentence out of a given set of words.

Each game has multiple rounds. In each round, you will see a bunch of words that you can drag & drop into a sentence. You can also move them around or remove them. Some words can even be changed to make variations, such as conjugations or plurals.

When the round is over, all players sentences are shown and a voting round starts. Each player votes for the winning sentence. Players receive a point for each vote received, and the top three players get additional points.

Players who voted for the winning sentence will be awarded an extra bonus point.

BibbleBabble was created in honor of PsychoBabble / PseudoBabble and other variants that are now all discontinued. Now let's activate your creative braincells and start babbling!


• Turn based multiplayer word game
• Invite up to seven friends per game
• Drag & drop words to make sentences out of given words
• Multiple rounds per game
• Notifications to keep track if it's your turn
• Share your best sentences via social media
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• Watch out! BibbleBabble! is addictive!
• NO e-mail adress, phone numbers or account creation necessary!
• NO pay-to-win, NO pay-to-continue, 100% free!

Ads are only shown at the bottom of the screen, and for a small fee you can get rid of them for ever!