BlokTen Color



iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

English, Dutch




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BlokTen Color is free to play and free to win!

BlokTen Color - block puzzle game

BlokTen Color is an addictive puzzle game that teases your brain. It's a simple puzzle game where you color match puzzle blocks on a 10x10 board. Combine three blocks of the same color to clear the board and score points.

Earn bonuses and coins by getting larger combos. Use the coins to access continue options when the game is over. Coins can NOT be purchased, you play to win instead of pay to win.

You don't have to fill any rows or columns, just color match to your hearts content!


• Clear bloks on a 10x10 playing board
• No clock, no stress, think about every move in your own time
• Get combos to massively increase your score
• Keep an eye out for the special and extra difficult BlokTen blok!
• Game Center™ leaderboards and achievements
• Addictive gameplay
• NO pay-to-win, NO pay-to-continue, 100% free!
• NO interstitial / full screen ads, NO waiting to play

BlokTen Color will give you months of puzzle fun.

Ads are only shown at the bottom of the screen, and for a small fee you can get rid of them for ever!