SevenBloks - Bloks guide

In this guide you will find an explanation about what the bloks in SevenBloks do. There are seven normal number bloks but also several other bloks that have different features.

The seven bloks

These are the normal bloks that you play SevenBloks with. You make rows and stacks of bloks and must destroy as many as possible of them. Learn how to play by tapping "How to play" on the main screen of the game.

The glass bloks

The glass bloks can be broken by destroying bloks that are next to them. When they break, they will reveal a new number blok.

The coin bloks

Coin bloks are glass bloks that contain coins. When destroyed, you collect the coin that is in it. You can use the coins for continues and other things in the game.

The solid blok

The solid blok is a metal blok that will appear in higher levels of the game. They are very annoying, and can only be destroyed by using some of the special weapons. See the special weapons guide for info about the weapons.

The BONUS bloks

The BONUS bloks can be destroyed to collect the letters. When you have all of them, you will receive a nice amount of extra points. A bonus level will start which you can try to complete. After the bonus level, you will return to your game. If you complete all bonus levels, you have completed the game and a new game mode will be unlocked.

The SevenBloks blok

The SevenBloks blok is very hard to find. If you manage to retrieve it, you will receive a lot of extra points as well as extra coins. Haven't found it yet? Keep on playing!

The mythical 8 blok

One thousand years ago, the masters of this land transported their most sacred possession, the powerful 8-blok, across seven worlds. On the last day, in the eighth world, the blok was lost, nowhere to be found again. Can you find and retrieve the mythical 8-blok from its long lost position?