SevenBloks - special weapons guide

In this guide you will find an explanation about what the special weapons in SevenBloks are capable of. There are five special weapons that you can use.

At the top of the screen you can see a small bar that fills up. When it's full, a special weapon blok appears which you can use to destroy more bloks.


The bomb basically destroys everything within a range of 3x3 bloks in its surroundings.

  • destroys glass bloks
  • destroys coins, so be careful
  • destroys B•O•N•U•S bloks, so be careful
  • destroys number bloks
  • destroys metal bloks

Horizontal and vertical blast

These blasts can be used to open glass bloks or to get rid of metal bloks within a row or column. It does not do anything to coins and B•O•N•U•S bloks.

  • cracks or opens glass bloks
  • destroys number bloks
  • destroys metal bloks

Glass breaker

This weapon opens glass bloks, it does not matter if they are already cracked or not. It also collects coins and B•O•N•U•S bloks, and it can be used to get rid of metal bloks.

  • opens glass bloks
  • collects coins
  • collects B•O•N•U•S bloks
  • turns metal bloks into glass bloks

+1 (or plus one)

The plus one blok increases the number on the bloks that surround it. Useful for getting rid of sticky 1 and 2 bloks.

  • increases number bloks by 1
  • number 7 bloks will change into number 1 bloks