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Add the coolest, fattest, awesomest, funnest, trendingest animated GIFs to your WhatsApp™ chats, e-mail, messages, notes and social media posts.

How does it work?

With the unique "tap to search" you can tap a word anywhere in the text you are editing and immediately find the coolest GIFs matching that word, or the last two or three words. Of course you can also find GIFs by hashtag, keyword, trending and by browsing categories.

Then, you simply paste the selected GIF into your text and presto!


  • why stick to boring old emoji if you can use GIFs?
  • quickly find the best GIFs at the flick of a tap and copy/paste them into your conversation
  • use the latest trending GIFs before your friends do
  • add GIFs in all apps that support pasting GIF images such as WhatsApp™, Messages, Mail, Notes and Facebook Messenger™
  • if the app does not support pasting GIF images you can paste a link
  • continue typing normal text in your chat or message without switching to other keyboards
  • Notes

    AniKey will ask for full access in your keyboard settings. This is only used so AniKey can connect to the internet to search for GIFs. We do NOT collect or store your keystrokes or any other data. We do NOT follow or track you, we do NOT require sign in or any personal data. Privacy policy.

    AniKey is powered by Giphy, the best GIF search engine on the webs! This app is however not made or published by Giphy, so for support don't contact them, but contact us instead.