Weerbericht Nederland

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Weerbericht Nederland is an app targeted on the Netherlands, showing weather information from the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI).

Weerbericht Nederland

For 10 years the most beloved weather-app in the Netherlands!

The Weerbericht app fetches weather data directly from KNMI and therefore is always accurate and up-to-date. The app does not collect personal data and is always privacy-friendly!

What is the added value?

The KNMI reports the weather for the Netherlands every 10 minutes and includes forecasts for today and long term. They also provide weather warnings and -alarms. The Weerbericht app is one of the few apps that sends you a push notification when such a warning or alarm is present.

Note that this app is in Dutch only.


  • Weather map for today with temperature, wind and precipitation.
  • Weather warnings and -alarms per province.
  • The weather on your location.
  • "Today" widget in the message center.
  • Push notifications when a warning or alarm is present in your own province or in the whole country.
  • Detailed weather map with overcast, wind, visibility, temperature, air pressure and relative humidity.
  • Animated rain- / precipitation radar.
  • Animated satellite image (iPad™ only)
  • Predictions for the next week.
  • Sharing the weather via e-mail, AirDrop and social media.
  • Apple Watch™ support.