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SevenBloks is free to play and free to win!

SevenBloks - not a match three game

  • Winner 2016-2019 "Not a match 3 game"™ award
  • Better than Drop7™ and Numb3rs Chain Factor™ combined!
  • "Fricking addictive!" - uncle John
  • "Great puzzle game but not towards insanity" - the girl next door
  • "I actually used my brain!" - world's largest YouTube player

One thousand years ago, the masters of this land transported their most sacred possession, the powerful 8-blok, across seven worlds. On the last day, in the eighth world, the blok was lost, nowhere to be found again. Can you find and retrieve the mythical 8-blok from its long lost position?

Sick and tired of all those same-old-same-old "match three", "jewel" and "candy" games? Play SevenBloks, not a match 3 game :)


  • Clear bloks numbered 1 to 7 by creating rows and columns of certain sizes
  • No clock, no stress, think about every move in your own time
  • Make sequences to massively increase your score
  • Use special attack bloks to get out of sticky situations
  • Collect bonus bloks and coins to gain nice perks
  • Game Center™ leaderboards and achievements
  • Watch out! SevenBloks is addictive!
  • NO pay-to-win, NO pay-to-continue, 100% free!

Both a Classic and Toughness game mode are available for many fun moments of gameplay. Wether you're a beginner or a pro, SevenBloks will give you months of puzzle fun!

Ads are only shown at the bottom of the screen, and for a small fee you can get rid of them for ever!