Support for AniKey - animated GIF keyboard

How can I preview the uncropped GIF image?

You can double-tap on any GIF preview image and then it will zoom out/in so you can view the uncropped GIF.

Which apps support pasting of animated GIF images?

Almost all of Apples standard apps (like Mail, Messages, Notes) support pasting GIF images. Also, many third party text, messaging and social media apps support it. If an app refuses to paste the GIF image, please contact the app vendor.

What is Giphy? is the number one source for animated GIFs. The AniKey animated GIF keyboard is powered by their search engine so you can be sure to find the hottest, coolest and funnest GIFs every time.

How do I install the AniKey keyboard?

To install the AniKey animated GIF keyboard, download the app from the App Store and follow the on-screen instructions.