Support for Pixel Ate Me



Why am I not seeing the stroke?

Since the stroke is applied to the original image before it is being pixelated, you may need to increase the stroke size before you can notice it. Also, your original image needs to have transparency for stroke to be visible.

Why does processing sometimes take a long time?

The larger your original image is, the longer processing will take, also depending on your Mac's processor speed. Try not to use huge image files; after all you are pixelating so most definition will be lost anyway.

The stroke option is the slowest feature, so use it with care.

What is Auto Apply?

When you enable Auto Apply, the image will be processed automatically as soon you change any setting, without having to click on the "Apply" button. This makes experimenting much faster.

Auto Apply is only available in the full version.

What is Quick Export?

After exporting the resulting image once, the Quick Export button becomes enabled. Clicking it will immediately export the image again, without asking for a file name, folder or file type. It will overwrite the previous export. This makes experimenting and exporting much faster.

 Quick Export is only available in the full version.

What does this app do?

Pixel Ate Me for macOS is an easy tool to pixelate images to a specific size, and adding effects. More information.

Is post-processing needed?

Because you specify the required canvas size, the resulting image can directly be used. However, since the pixelation is automated, you may want to tweak some pixels afterwards depending on your needs.

Do I need to upload my files?

No. All processing is done on your own Mac. This means it is not only much faster, it also guarantees privacy, security and non-disclosure of your (or your customers) content.

What do I get if I buy the full version?

The full version of Pixel Ate Me enables the Auto Apply feature and the Quick Export feature, which makes working with the app much faster.

The full version is available as a one time In App Purchase. No subscriptions. It will also include any future features.