Support for Weerbericht

Why won't the precipitation radar show future predictions?

The precipitation radar is generated by KNMI and shows images of the current weather. A radar is just an instrument for measuring and does not predict anything. Predicted precipitation is not available in these images, so the app cannot display such predictions.

Why don't I get a push notification for a weather warning or -alarm?

To receive push notifications for weather warnings or -alarms, you open the Settings app on your device. Select "Weerbericht" and allow Weerbericht acces to Noifications. Also, "Background App Refresh" should be enabled.

Do not close the app by removing it from the list of recently used apps. If you remove it, the Weerbericht app will assume you don't want to receive any more notifications.

How can I select my own province on Apple Watch?

To select your own province you open the Apple Watch app on your phone. Select the  Weerbericht app and tap "Regio". Now you can select your province.

Error: de gegevens kunnen momenteel niet worden opgehaald

When the message appears "de gegevens kunnen momenteel niet worden opgehaald" there can be multiple causes for not being able to fetch data. Please first check if your device has a (good) internet connection.

If that is the case, ensure that the network provider (mobile or WiFi) allows FTP traffic. The Weerbericht app uses FTP (instead of HTTP) to fetch data from the KNMI.

What is the UV-index?

The UV-index is a measure for the amount of ultra-violet (UV) radiation in the sunlight that reaches the earth. It is also known as "sun-force".

UV-radiation can be damaging to the skin; the skin can burn more easily the higher the sun-force is.

The UV-index is displayed in 2 numbers: sun-force when it is cloudy, and sun-force when it is not cloudy.

More information (in Dutch) on KNMIs sun-force page.