Support for WindowClerk Screen Recorder



My screen recording has dropped frames or stutters

Screen recording on the Mac is limited by the machines processor type, speed, disk speed and disk space available.

When recording a small window, it takes up less system capacity than when recording larger windows.

When recording the entire screen, multiple screens or multiple windows, recording quality may vary or recording may stop unexpectedly. On faster machines, more is possible.

Results may vary. Other tasks on the machine (eg. when a Time Machine backup is being made or when video is being played) will also impact the performance and quality of your screen recordings.

My screen recording is black

If you hide or close a window during recording, the recording will continue but blackness is recorded. Do not hide or close a window while it is being recorded.

If you are recording DRM-protected content like movies or TV shows, the recording may also be black due to copyright protections.

Why are there weird icons in the windows drop down list?

The list of windows shows anything that macOS considers to be a window. Some items, like the desktop, Dock and Spotlight icons are, in reality, windows and therefore they appear in the list and you can record them.

Can I screen record Apple TV, Netflix or other TV or movie apps?

TV and broadcasting apps may have limited screen recording due to digital rights management. WindowClerk Screen Recorder may or may not correctly record TV or movie apps.

What does this app do?

WindowClerk Screen Recorder for macOS is an easy tool to record any window or screen, including its audio. More information.

What do I get if I buy the full version?

The full version of WindowClerk Screen Recorder removes the limit of maximum 5 minutes of screen recording.

The full version is available as an annual subscription.