Support for Zonkracht Nederland



I have a subscription, why am I still seeing adverts?

If you have a subscription to remove the ads, sometimes ads may still appear. To solve this, you can try the following:

  • in the settings of the app, choose “aankopen herstellen” (restore purchases).
  • if that does not work, try force closing the app and restarting it.
  • if that does not work, check if your subscription is really active using this link. You can confirm there if your subscription maybe has ended.
  • lastly, you can try to delete the app from your device and reinstalling it from the App Store using this link. Subscriptions will then be restored.

How can I disable the adverts?

For a small yearly payment you can disable all ads. To disable the ads go to the settings of the Zonkracht Nederland app. Tap the cogwheel icon to go to the settings. Then tap on the option "Verwijder advertenties".

How can I disable automatic renewal of my subscription?

If you do not want your subscription to disable adds to automatically renew, go to the settings (tap the cogwheel icon) and select "Abonnement beheren".

The App Store app will be opened and the subscription can be canceled there. When canceled, the subscrition will be valid until the expiry date and then automatically stop.

How can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

The subscription to remove ads is linked to your Apple ID, and not limited to 1 device. If you have purchased a subscription to remove ads on one device, you can activate it on other devices by tapping "Aankopen herstellen" in the settings (tap on the cogwheel icon).